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Welcome to TIRE STICKERS®, the exclusive global provider of unique branding solutions engineered for simple, steadfast application to tire sidewalls on personal, commercial, and high-performance automobiles, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles. Tire Stickers offers customers the ability to design custom logos and text that will make a statement. In addition to branding solutions, TIRE STICKERS® offers products for tracking, flagging and identifying tires for easy inventory management as well as tools for application of our products. Our affordable offerings have been tested rigorously to withstand the most demanding environments and conditions. We are committed to expedited service and interactive relationships with our customers, collaborating on innovative designs that will make lasting impressions. What do you want your tires to say about you?

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Company Spotlight goldRush Rally 6

The goldRush Rally and Tire Stickers have teamed up yet again for another year in the world famous, "goldRush Rally". This year's GR6 will not disappoint, with exotic and luxury cars racing across the country in a friendly, automotive, luxury lifestly event. This year, the Rally will be stopping in (7) cities and is taking place between the dates of May 31st - June 7th.


Gold Rush Rally Map

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